Cynotilapia 'Afra Cobue'
by Kevin Bauman

Cynotilapia afra cobue is a dwarf mbuna from Cobwe', Mozambique.  Other varieties of afra look quite different depending upon their location in Lake Malawi.  These other varieties may eventually be classified as different species.  They are a moderately aggressive cichlid that attains a size of only about 4 inches (10 cm) but they can hold their own against some larger mbuna.

 They are very similar to the "zebra types" except that they are smaller and they have unicuspid teeth (unlike the bicuspid teeth in the zebras.)  The afra is also known as the "dogtooth cichlid" (cyno means dog in latin).  As you can see below, the yellow/orange on the males head comes and goes quite a bit depending upon their mood.

Below is a mature 3 inch long female afra cobue

As you can see the females (above two pictures) aren't much to look at.  But it is the females that keep the male exited and looking good.  Note how the stripes in the female come and go too.

The above picture shows a 2 inch (5 cm) juvenile male.  Below is the same fish one year later at about 3 1/2" (9 cm) long.  

Cynotilapia afra "cobue" sometimes spelled cobwe' (pronounced Kob-way).  The not-so-common name for the afra cobue is the "orangeback Mozambique" or "Edwardi afra".

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