Pseudotropheus sp. ‘kingsizei’
by Nick Laferriere

Location: Restricted to small area between Likoma and Maingano Island.

Biotope: Intermediate Habitat near small rocky outcrops.

Size: 9cm, a nice manageable size.

Diet: Often feeds from the biocover and eats a variety of diatoms, algae and plankton. In the aquaria, feed spirulina based foods and a treat of mysis or brine shrimp about once a week. This will give the females extra protein for egg production.

Related Species: Ps. sp.’kingsizei lupingu’ (bright yellow believe it or not), Ps. sp.’kingsizei londo’ (similar with black dorsal), Ps. sp.’kingsizei north’ (faint vertical stripes)

Spawning Behaviour: Males of this small species are both territorial and aggressive. They are however fairly tolerant with their females. Males dig nest beneath and between rocks in the wild and may take up residence in a pre-existing cave in the aquaria. These fish hold their own with larger mbuna and aren’t afraid to show their dominance. They don’t go around picking fights though. Avoid keeping with similar coloured species such as Ps.demasoni or Ps.saulosi as fighting and conflict will result.

Breeding: Easy to breed and will begin breeding at about 1 ½ inches. Spawns are generally between 15-30 and held for a period of 25 days approx. During breeding males will almost glow! The colour is superb and will contrast very nicely in any mbuna community tank. Females are a brownish colour with faint vertical stripes and blue accents. Fry are robust and hardy. The juvie males are usually noticed when they do circling nosedives together showing off to one another and mock fighting. They’ll start this as small as ¾ inch! Females generally stay smaller while growing and won’t show as prominent barring or blue hues.


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