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110 Gallon FOWLR
Member Name Raf
Tank Size 110 gallons
Filtration 2 X 2217 Eheim cannisters, 2 X Maxi Jets 1200 Powerheads, Prizim Skimmer
Heating Ebo Jager 200 watt
Lighting Coralife powercompacts 50/50
Tank Decor 60 lbs live rock, sea fans, sea whips, macroalgae, coral sand.
Inhabitants Gold Bar Maroon Clowns, Sailfin Tang, Yellow Tang, Queen Angel, White Tail Pygmy Angel, Queen Coris Wrasse, 3 X Green Chromis, Niger Trigger, Picasso Trigger, Porcupine Puffer, Valentini Puffer.

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