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55 Gallon Malawi Tank
Member Name Andyfish2000
Tank Size 55 gallons
Filtration Eheim 2026 Pro 2
Heating 200w
Lighting 42" Marine White & 42" Power Glo
Inhabitants 10 Ps. Saulosi (F1s) - Now 3m 4f
Trio Red Top Hongi (F1s) - Now 0
5 Yellow Labs - Now 3
1 male Fryeri - Now 0
Pair Taiwan Reefs - Now 0
Pair O Lithobates - 1m
3 random peacocks - Now 0
Pair Bristlenose Plecs - Now 1
1 Petricola - still 1

Oh, and 1 F2 Tanganyikan Hecqui Shell Dweller - Not anymore
Comments Bit of a mixture this tank. Originally started this as Haps/Peacocks, but something went wrong on the way!!!!!!!!! Still thinking of adding some Melanochromis Cyans to the mix, and removing the peacocks.

8th Aug 06 - Lost most of the fish out of this tank due to overheating. List reflects current stock.

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