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90 Gallon Malawi Tank
Member Name jhunbj
Tank Size 90 gallons
Filtration 2 AC110
Heating Ebo Jager (250W)
Lighting 50/50 Coralife bulb
Inhabitants 4 Ps.Elongatus Chailosi
1 Ps.Polit
1 Ps.Elongatus Likoma
1 Ps.Saulosi
1 Ps.Long Pelvic Mdoka
1 Melanochromis Cyaneorhabdos
1 Cynotilapia Afra (Jalo Reef)
1 Cynotilapia Afra (White Top)
1 Cichlasoma Salvini
1 Unknown species
Comments All of the fishes are male except for the Salvini and one of the Ps.Elongatus Chailosi.

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