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90 Gallon Mixed African Tank
Member Name jt1014
Tank Size 90 gallons
Filtration AC 110, Penguin biowhell 300, AC 50 powerhead for extra current
Heating 300 watt sub.
Lighting 4 ft. flour. (needs an upgrade)
Tank Decor silica sand, field stones, and multiple live plants
Inhabitants 3 F1 burundi fronts
1 WC Lwanda
1 WC Ngara
1 F1 Lemon Jake
1 Aul. sp. "Stuargranti Maleri" yellow regal
1 Aul Salousi "green face peacock"
2 German Reds
1 Pundamilla Nyererei(ruti is.)
1 Copa. Azureus
1 Sci. Fryerei
1 Zebra Obliq.
1 Placidochromis Phenocilous "star saphire"
1 Yellow Lab
Comments Well it's been up and running for just over a year. I'm finally satisfied with the stock and overall look of tank. As the fish grow I will be taking out rocks and adding plants for cover and to also add more swimming room. Hope u all enjoy as much as we do.

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