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47 Gallon Cichlid Tank on Fireplace Mantle
Member Name sakul
Tank Size 47 gallons
Filtration Fluval 3 plus, Aquaclear 50
Heating 200 W Ebo Jager
Lighting 2 x Aqualights Fresh 65w
Tank Decor Fake Plants, Driftwood, Rocks
Inhabitants 1 x Tiger Oscar
1 x Green Terror
2 x Jack Dempseys
1 x Firemouth
2 x Convicts
1 x Sailfin Pleco
1 x Red Panamense
1 x Crayfish
Comments After getting this tank built and up on the mantle, I noticed that I was way to conservative on the size, It could have easily been another 10 gallons at least without crashing and flooding my living room. Unfortunately (maybe) the inhabitants will have to be moved to the 55 in the basement (and eventually something bigger). The malawis in the basement will eventually be in here. I was also a bit dismayed by the trim on this tank (I had it custom made), as it is 2 inches high! It cuts off the top 2 iches of viewing space. I am probably going to try and cut the trim off, leaving the lip for the glass top. The tank is 24x32x14. (should have been 24x34x16)

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