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125 Gallon African Cichlid/South American Tank
Member Name Jrmass
Tank Size 125 gallons
Filtration Rena XP3 175Gallon Power Canister
Heating 300 Watt Tetratec
Lighting Dual Deluxe Series - Double Linear Strip Lighting 192 watts Each
Tank Decor Live Anubius Barteri's, Aponogeton ulvaceus (currently flowering) FL. Crushed Coral, Driftwood Stump, & Dolomite Limestone Caves
Inhabitants (2) Bumble Bee Cichlids *Pseudotropheus Crabro/Maylandia Crabro* (one is normal Yellow and Black 6-7" other has completely changed his colors to Black and Metallic Blue *VERY beautiful fish* 8-10")
(2) Venustus Cichlids *Haplochromis Venustus* (1 Male 5" & 1 Female 9")
(3) Electric Yellow Labs *Labidochromis Caeruleus* (2 Males and 1 very timid Female) *No mating habits being formed unfortunately*
(3) Plecostomus *Liposarcus Anisitsi* All between 5"-9"

And Last but not LEAST
I have (1) South American Convict Cichlid in this hardwater tank and surprisingly enough she just laid her eggs in the tank (no male to fert. them so the big Bumble Bee and the Large Venustus ate them) But, I got a picture before they got the chance too
Comments Tank has been setup for about a month now with no problems *the XP3 canister works WONDERFULLY!!! I'm currently running the canister THROUGH the undergravel filter I have setup as you can see by the picture if you look at one of the return bubble pipes I have the intake for the canister running into it. Plenty of Water currents and all the stuff gets pulled right into the coral *good setup*
Thanks for looking

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