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55 Gallon African/SA Tank
Member Name Kiwi_Jonno
Tank Size 55 gallons
Filtration "Shark" Interanl Filter
Heating 200W heater
Lighting 2x Lights, clip on top :-)
Tank Decor Rocks, wood, and the odd plant
Inhabitants King of tank!
1x Metriaclima Zebra "Red-Top" (also known as P.Zebra Red-Top).
5x Melanochromis Auratus
1x Tropheus Duboisi

These ones aren't African as such... hehe

1x Red Tailed Shark
1x Blue Acara
7x Tiger Barb (3 are green)
Comments Getting more Mbuna :-)

The big male blue Melanochromis Auratus in the 3rd pic died after 1 day to the Red Top Zebra :-(

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