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35 Gallon Saulosi Species Tank.
Member Name Dave A
Tank Size 35 gallons
Filtration 2x Penguin 350
Heating 350w Titanium on a Medusa controller.
Lighting 36" 50/50
Tank Decor Brown/white sand with round glacier rocks.
Inhabitants This tank contains 15 Saulosi at a ratio of 3M/12F.
Comments Over-stalked for a 35g. but it keeps the aggression from the dominant male spread around. The group is young and about 1/2 the adult body mass but they are already breeding and producing fry. Two water changes a week for a total of about 1/2 the tank volume. Feeding twice a day of HBH 8 Veggie flake in morning and NLS Cichlid Formula 1mm Pellets in the evening. 11 hour light cycle.

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