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180 Gallon Mixed African Tank
Member Name CichlidMad
Tank Size 180 gallons
Filtration 5 ft sump
Heating 2 x 250 watt visitherm heaters
Lighting 2 x T5's
Tank Decor 300lb ocean rock and coral sand
Inhabitants over 80 fish

mixture of victorian, malawi and tanganika cichlids that mix very well along with the 4 catfish (includin 1 very elusive upside down catfish very rarely seen) and 1 HUGE sailfin plec
Comments This is my pride and joy along with my other 4ft set up and 3ft set up which is at the moment full of fry, also a 2.5ft tank with yellow lab and rusty fry in and a little hospital tank which also contains 8 auratus just waiting to convert garage into fish house :D

Anyone think i'm mad ??? :D:D:D

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