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90 Gallon Hap and Peacock Tank
Member Name cichfreaks
Tank Size 90 gallons
Filtration 2 Eheim 2213's, 1 Whisper 60, and adding `1 AC 110
Heating 2 Stealth heaters (200W each)
Lighting Coralife T5 (colormax and 6700k)
Tank Decor rocks, crushed coral substrate
Inhabitants 3 L. Caerulus (1 fry)
1 O. Lithobates
1 A. Sp. German Red
1 OB Peacock
1 L. Lethrinus
2 S. Fryeri
2 A.Maylandia (Sulphur head)
1 A. Freibergi "Otter Point"
2 Common Pleco
Comments Adding the following:
1 or 2 L.Lethrinus females
3 A. Kornelia "Chizmulu" (growing out in 30g)
3 A. Stuartgrant "Undu Reef" (will be growing out in 30g)

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