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47 Gallon Mbuna Tank
Member Name Armbrust
Tank Size 47 gallons
Filtration Emperor 400 w/ Biowheels & Trickle Filter
Heating 250w Submersible
Lighting 3 ft 20w fluorescent
Tank Decor Tufa stone, Chocolate Slate, & Fake Plants
Inhabitants 2 Pseudotropheus socolofi
2 Pseudotropheus lombardoi
2 Melanochromis johanni
2 Pseudotropheus estherae
1 Melanochromis chipokae
1 Labidochromis caeruleus
1 Synodontis eupterus
1 Polypterus senegalus
Comments The local water supply has high nitrates so I can't get them lower than 20 ppm without using RO water.

In the upper right corner that ugly piece of sponge is to prevent curious fish from swimming into the overflow. The trickle filter has 5 gallons of bioballs and the sump is a standard 10 gallon tank.

I haven't had any problems with aggression, but it is hard to get food down to the Bichir because the Cichlids gobble it all up so quickly.

My Syno rarely comes out from hiding, even during feeding time, I'm hoping he will become less shy as he gets more used to his new home.

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