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120 Gallon Mixed Cichlid Tank
Member Name Red Orchid
Tank Size 120 gallons
Filtration Eheim Pro 2 - 2028
Heating 300W & 200W
Lighting 2 x 150cm tubes - one white, one blue
Tank Decor 75kg ocean rock and 25kg fine crushed white coral
Inhabitants All male and juvi's other than Rubin (adult male)

3 x C. Moori
1 x Z Rock
1 x Red Empress
2 x N Livingstoni
1 X P Electra
1 x Copaid. Borleyi (Kadango)

1 x A Rubin Red
1 x Stuartgranti Maulana
2 x Hybrid Reds
1 x Aul. Calico
1 x Aul. Stuartgranti Maleri (MI)

1 x Red Zebra
1 x Yellow Lab
5 x P. Acei Yellow Tail

4 x Burundi Frontosa
1 x L128 Blue Phantom Plec
Comments Soon to go are
1 x N. Livingstoni
1 x C. Moori
2 x Frontosa
2 x P. Acei Yellow Tail
1 x Hybrid Red

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