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183 Gallon Non-Mbuna Tank
Member Name JimmYPL
Tank Size 183 gallons
Filtration CASCADE 1200 PENN-PLAX + Fluval 304 + PowerHead AquaShut
Heating 300W Jagger
Lighting 4x 20W
Tank Decor DIY background ( PVC+fylit rock [slate?] + black silicon), 100kg sand
Inhabitants Non-Mbuna:
Aulonocara baenschi "Benga" 3+7
Copadichromis borleyi "Kadango" 3+7
Sciaenochromis fryeri 1+3
Placidochromis electra 0+0+3
Comments Plants are:
Valisneria gigantea/spiralis

This is a pic. of my 183 gal. (610 l) tank that has been up for about a 3months now

Greeting from Poland ;-)

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