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105 Gallon Hap Tank
Member Name Goenie
Tank Size 105 gallons
Filtration Eheim 2228 + 2229 (as bio)
Heating 1x 300w Tetratec
Lighting In the back a Dennerle Colorplus, in the front a Dennerle African Lake
Tank Decor Mixed gravel/'caviar', moonstone + other rocks and some plants
Inhabitants - WC Couple Copadichromis Flavimanus Kande
- Couple Otopharynx Lithobates
- Couple Aulonocara Rubin Red
- Couple Aulonocara 5-color
- one Synodontis Angelicus
Comments Only thing I'm considering now, is wether to change from gravel to sand.
Also I will some additional plants in the back to mask the filtration-pipe a bit.

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