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65 Gallon Mixed Malawi Tank
Member Name chris fishman
Tank Size 65 gallons
Filtration Rena Xp3 canister and Aquaclear 110 HOB
Heating 200w
Lighting T6 quantum colour intensifier and T10 Ultra Daylight
Tank Decor Rocks - Lava and Canadian shield
Inhabitants 2 venestus M
1 Kadango M
1 Red Zebra M
1 Pearl Zebra M
1 Red top Afra M
2 female kenya
1 female Johanonasae
1 yellow tale acei M
1 hap Ahli M
1 salousi M
1 Tropheops Macro
2 Polit
2 OB peacocks M
1 Eureka Red Peacock M
3 Algae eaters

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