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40 Gallon Breeder Tank
Member Name Kalin
Tank Size 40 gallons
Filtration emp. 400
Heating 100 watt fully sub. with 1 degree acc. placed under current
Lighting 5000 k full spec., 20 watt , 24" g.e.
Tank Decor local finds for the rocks,petrified wood and driftwood, but some of the driftwood is purchased.
Inhabitants 1 female melanochromis lombardoi, 2 male pseudotropheus msobo & 1 female,1 (male?) red zebra, & 1 female uso (unidentified submersed object), a male & female metriaclima chipokae,4 sydontis lace catfish?(i think), a common pleco, 4 juvi offspring from my psd. msobo, one electric yellow, & 2 fresh batches of fry one from the first pair & one from my cHipokae,All fish split into 4 tanks
Comments 50 to 80 percent water changes every week (give or take a day). Tank has been up for 1 year.

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