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90 Gallon Mixed Community Tank
Member Name cc_woman
Tank Size 90 gallons
Filtration 2 aquaclear 70's
Heating Elite 300 watt
Lighting plant growth and fish coloration flourecent
Tank Decor real plants, rocks, driftwood, and mix of sand and rocks for substrate
Inhabitants 4 angels
12 zebra danios
2 Discus
11 cherry barbs
4 green spotted dwarf puffers
1 black ghost knife
4 bleeding heart tetras
2 blue acaras
2 frontosas(burundi I believe)
2F german blue rams
1M/1F kribensis
1M paradise fish
1 Pictus catfish
1 chinese algae eater
1 firemouth cichlid
Comments I will add the scientific names once I have them all figured out. They are all still so small it is a little hard to determine some of their exact names from their species and their sexes. We also have an air stone powered by an elite pump and a nutrafin natural plant system. We recently lost almost all our rams and a discus, so in time once we get things stable again we will be getting more male blue rams and some more discus.

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