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75 Gallon Mbuna Tank
Member Name Kalin
Tank Size 75 gallons
Filtration emp. 400 and a rena 55
Heating 300w visa therm stealth
Lighting 48" flour. 10000k single tube strip
Tank Decor locally harvested rocks, mopani wood, a coconut, and plastic bamboo
Inhabitants ps. mgunga deep(around 60), m. chipokae(20), an ahli and a red empress acording to petsmart, two red zebra, two kenyi, two syn. lace cats, an electric yellow lab, and one unidentified african cichlid.
Comments I have it overstocked for two reasons, one, to manage agression. Two, I havn't sold enough of my fry. I started a year ago and just lost my first fish. I have always been able to save my victims of agression before, but my red zebra was cornered in his cave and beaten to death. No more single entry caves in my tanks :(

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