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150 gallon mixed Malawi
Member Name Jason L
Tank Size 150 gallons
Filtration Fluval 404, Penguin 350, Magnum HOB 250 for polishing
Heating 1 300W Hagen Tronic, 1 200w Visitherm Deluxe
Lighting 2 x 40W powerglo 18000K. 1 20W Lifeglo over plants
Tank Decor 100 pounds of coral and tufa. 60 Vallisneria spiralis
Inhabitants 1 P. Crabro
5 P. Acei "Luwala"
6 P. Elongatus "Chewere" 2M 4F
3 Petrotilapia Chitimba 1M 2F
1 OB Peacock
1 Gephyrochromis moorii
1 Zebra X Socolofi?
4 Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Taiwanee Reef) 4M
3 Otopharynx lithobates "Zimbawe Rock"
3 Copadichromis borleyi "Kadango Red"

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