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110 Gallon African Tank
Member Name jonathane
Tank Size 110 gallons
Filtration 4 chamber glass biofilter (t3,5 liters), filtration biomolitan,cotton wool Amtra and Clinop Zeolit, ceramics, pump Eheim 1250
Heating Jagger 200 W
Lighting ligt ramp Farao 2 x trocal dennerle african lake (2x36W), 1 x cold blue night (18W)
Inhabitants Aulonocara maylandi
Cyrtocara moori (import)
Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Placidochromis elektra "likoma"
Pseudotropheus saulosi coral red
Pseudotropheus elongatus "mpanga"
Sciaenochromis fryeri silver dorsal

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