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ybmarmot's 55g
Member Name ybmarmot
Tank Size 55 gallons
Filtration Fluval FX5, AC110, AC70
Heating Hydor 400w
Lighting 1 48" 6500k flourescent
Tank Decor local rock, pool filter sand, med driftwood, Java fern, Tall Anubia
Inhabitants 5 Electric Yellow "Lions Cove"
4 Melanochromis Exasperatus Textilus
4 Red Zebra
1 Albino Zebra (1 was DOA)
2 Synodontis Multipunctatus catfish
Comments 3 weeks to do a "fishless cycle"
Added all 16 fish at same time.
Took pictures on same day fish added.
Seachem Malawi Buffer and Cichlid Salt added

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