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Species profiles presents in depth studies, articles, and information surrounding the numerous species of Lake Malawi Cichlids.
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Pseudotropheus demasoni
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Group Mbuna
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Male Picture
Female Picture
Juvi Picture
Discovered By KONINGS 1994
Fish Size min 2" - max 3" Inches
Min Tank Size 50 Gallons
Sexual Differences Males and females have same coloration. Light blue body with black vertical stripes. Females may be slightly smaller than males.
General Information Located at Pombo Rocks and Ndumbi Point. Found in shallow, rocky habitat. Diet in the wild consists of algae scraped off the rocks.

The aquarium should have plenty of rockwork to provide shelter, territorial markers and spawning sites. Feed a quality cichlid flake/pellet food, supplement occasionally with spirulina flake.

Very aggresive for its size. Provide ample rockwork in the tank.

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